Services for Home-Builders

Planning to convert your attic? Renovating a building in compliance with energy-related and environmental standards? Whatever it may be, we can provide support on all questions regarding planning, construction and project management. In a nutshell: we accompany you from the concept to the hand-over of the building. Our professionals at Chalupa Bautraeger GmbH, together with carefully selected specialists, will roll up their sleeves and renovate or build for you, individually, sustainably and to the latest standards. This allows you to commercialize your property faster and more efficiently.

Valuation and development

Our experts will not only determine the current market value, but also the development potential of your property. It is often such a combination of vision and experience that turns a property into a real gem.

Ensuring profitability

A successful property has to meet many requirements – those of the user, those of the owner and – of course – those of the investor.
Comprehensive analysis is therefore the first step, while a detailed user and renovation concept is the key to optimized profits and growth in value. We offer all such expertise first-hand and from a single source.

Trust our experts.


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